Let’s begin with this opening statement “THIS TREATMENT IS MY SAVIOUR!” Yes! I said it! 

By the time I was 18 I felt there was something not right about my body. It often felt pained. After an appointment with the doctor, he had signed off on a referral for me to undergo X-rays upstairs in the medical building. A few days had passed and I had revisited the doctor and he had informed me that I have scoliosis. I didn’t think too much about it, I just thought I was damaged goods from being a past gymnast and that my back will heal…. BOY I was wrong!

Fast forward 14 years, with my private health insurance card zipped in the back pocket of my nike leggings, l was ongoingly visiting  chiropractors, physiotherapists, remedial massaged therapists until Cryo Spa opened it’s doors. I can safely say I was blessed enough to be introduced to Localised Cryo Therapy! At that moment I said goodbye to  Nurofen Plus!

What is Localised Cryo Therapy?  What type of machinery is this? What’s the difference in brands and is it invasive?

Localised Cryo Therapy is a non invasive hyper cooling treatment that is beneficial for so many different reasons. Chronic pain is notoriously difficult to treat and this is the reason for me writing this article. Most days I feel pain, every day I am lethargic and I suffer from chronic fatigue due to bad gut health. There are two different treatments I receive from Therapist Clarisse, one for my upper back, shoulders and neck and the second on my lower back. Each treatment lasts 10 minutes reaching a cool -155 degrees. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling, it’s exceptionally soothing, it decreases my inflammation significantly, heals my muscles and joints and also most importantly stops the chronic pain! It’s a comfortable experience performed on a day bed on the bottom level of the spa and there’s no preparation for the treatment. . This treatment is clinically proven and offers 4 times better lymph and blood circulation to the area too! I am treated twice a week for this chronic pain.

Did you know that with the same medical grade device “Cryo T-Elephant” it also used for firming of the skin circumference reduction, weight reduction, detoxification, strengthening of immune system and general wellbeing improvement.

This treatment is not a “bandaid” treatment. It cures the area, it’s my saviour. Book in your Localised Cryo Therapy treatment  on 8964 7951.