Whole Body Cryotherapy Sydney

Cryotherapy is a form of hyper-cooling treatment that involves immersing the entire body in freezing cold air for up to three minutes at a time.

Cryosauna Single Session

  • Robes, socks and gloves provided

Cryosauna Bring A Friend

  • per person
  • Robes, Gloves and Socks Provided

Cryotherapy Packages

  • 3 Pack - $210
  • 5 Pack - $325
  • 10 Pack - $600

Athletes, pain sufferers, fitness enthusiasts and even celebrities have embraced cryotherapy, taking advantage of the possible rejuvenating and reparative nature of this effective and non-invasive treatment.

Cryospa offers whole body cryotherapy in Sydney, with professional and knowledgeable staff there to walk you through every step of the process.

What Is Involved in Cryo Treatment?

Prior to your treatment, our professionals will discuss any issues you may be experiencing, such as chronic pain, muscle fatigue, injury or skin conditions. Clients are then asked to strip down to their underwear in a separate dressing room and gowns, socks and gloves will be provided for the cryotherapy session.

Then, it is time for you to step into the cryotherapy chamber!

Our cryo treatment in Sydney uses nitrogen mist to cool the cryotherapy chamber down to a chilly -140°C, though our team will work with you to determine the most comfortable temperature for you.

We will be there to supervise your treatment and to help you out of the chamber once your treatment is complete.

Benefits of Whole-Body Cryotherapy

The history of cold therapy for treating injury and inflammation dates back to as early as 2500 BCE, however, the cryotherapy we know today was first invented in Japan in the 1970s.

Dr Yamaguchi, who founded the whole body cryotherapy treatment, used this short term freezing of the skin’s surface to treat his patients who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis.

Since its discovery, cryotherapy has won over clients across the world with a number of scientifically noted benefits.

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

Rather than reaching for an ice pack, cryotherapy treatments may offer a more effective means of treating those niggling pains and may assist in reducing inflammation and cell damage.

Weight Loss

Cryotherapy treatments may aid in weight loss through increasing the metabolism. In response to the freezing temperatures, your metabolism may speed up to re-claim the lost body temperature and in the process, it may burns hundreds of calories. 

Rejuvenated and Revitalised Skin

Clients may enjoy a more revitalised appearance in their skin through increased metabolism, improved blood circulation and an increase in collagen production.

The decreased temperature may also help to decrease inflammation in the skin, aiding in many skin issues.

Mental Clarity and Energy Booster

Cryotherapy may be a great way to improve your focus and energy levels, and may provide you with an endorphin boost that will leave you feeling on top of the world and will help you to destress.

For those who struggle to sleep, cryotherapy may also induce longer and better quality sleep, leading to you having more energy and less fatigue each day.

*These treatments are not meant to cure disease and to consult your medical professional before undergoing our treatments


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